Friday, February 13, 2009

The perfect mountain day

Recipe for a congenial late-season ascent of the Gross Spannort

Set out from the Swiss Alpine Club's Kroenten hut before dawn ....

... be well on your way to the col before the sun comes up ...

... so that you get your first view of the mountain at sunrise.

On the way across the glacier ....

... to the start of the first pitch.

Like Everest, the Spannort has three rock steps ...

... but it's customary to climb without oxygen masks.

Summit rocks

Summit cross

Encountering the Roeti Dolomite on the way to Engelberg

Stopping for refreshment at the SAC Spannort hut

Prayer flags give a Himalayan ambience without the bother of actually going there

We overtook an elderly couple coming back from the hut - bless thee, ancient chronicles.

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